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Rexa Design

At Rexa we explore the bathroom through new perspectives, driven by a passion for materials and curiosity for the different ways of experiencing this intimate, yet functional, space of the house.

Design, research, material culture and project approach are the basis of our work. We love listening to the outside world, interpreting its suggestions and dialoguing with the designers and with our customers, working alongside them, and sharing with them the mission of creating spaces to live.

Value of people as the protagonists of every idea and project, manufacturing excellence guaranteed by a traditional attention to details, combined with strong passion for research, high level of customization, sustainable production process totally developed at the headquarters in San Quirino, Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This is at the core of the philosophy and identity of Rexa, which – since 2012, using technologically advanced materials such as solid surfaces, and offering a real finishing system that allows you to design by creating multiple combinations of colors, textures and shades – has been producing iconic and complete solutions for the bathroom, conceived as a space for wellbeing, in which funcionality and sensoriality perfectly merge, and in which to find every time the pleasure of feeling and feeling good.