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  • What are the key words that define the relationship between people and the kitchen? And is there a parallelism between designing a kitchen and creating a good dish? This is what we discussed with Tommaso Giunchi, architect of interiors with

  • Interior and theatre set designer, architect Claudia Castelli is also a colour researcher. With Claudia, co-founder of HD Architetti, we talked about how colours are crucial in giving character to a home and to different environments. She personally loves all

  • Cecilia Avogadro enjoys making tomato passata with friends on long summer days. Isabella Franco, half-French, spent hours as a child preparing dishes with her grandmother, a skilled cook. Rituals and memories are part of every kitchen, which the two founders

  • It is a whispered luxury that emerges from the work of Lucia Cavaliere, founder of Luxury White and a family history rooted in textiles. We asked Lucia Cavaliere, who works on private homes, but also on hotels, yachts and retail,