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Rexa Design

Rexa think about the bathroom as a complete concept. From furniture to accessories that make it unique. From bathtubs to wall coverings that integrate perfectly to create an ambiance where to feel good. Especially designed to help you chill and escape from the daily routine. A place where the physical and visual well-being of the person is the goal of careful research for functional solutions and attention to detail.

The artisanal approach, the deep knowledge of materials, the sharing and the experience gained over the years, allow us to create a relationship with the designer in order to decline ideas and technical solutions, for truly unique design projects. The refined study of the materials used, like Corian, clays, mortar and stone, makes us perceive the sense of the place where we’re living, to combine the extraordinary possibilities to adapt it according to every special need. Modifying dimensions, proportions, shapes and colours to finally reach our personal taste.

A world of sensory and personalisation that also opens up to other parts of the house. The only limit is our own imagination!