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Creative details by Lucia Cavaliere

“To be alive, every space needs to have a soul. Its uniqueness comes from the attention to detail, to those small, painstaking fabrications that make all the difference”

It is a whispered luxury that emerges from the work of Lucia Cavaliere, founder of Luxury White and a family history rooted in textiles. We asked Lucia Cavaliere, who works on private homes, but also on hotels, yachts and retail, how significant attention to detail is in her projects.

In her approach to imagining a space, detail is everything–even more so when designing home interiors, her great passion. It means following her customers step by step, getting to know first-hand how they live their daily routines in the various rooms, how they manage organisation and where they like to store their objects.
With her constant presence Lucia Cavaliere establishes a precious synergy with those who turn to her, shaping the interiors entrusted to her with the same attention she would dedicate to her own home.

With Mo.1950, finding themselves on the same wavelength ignited the spark, like partners in a creative journey ready to tackle even the most complex challenges–sharing a love of beauty as a creative quest that is willing to dare, and thought-out personalisation that gives life to unique spaces.