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The Instant of Change by Finemateria: when design meets art

“The intention was to put into play … to ask the visitor, the reader to interact with the object and with others. This requires an intention, to put oneself in the game.”

The investigation into the transformation of matter takes shape in Tris (meaning “Tic Tac Toe” in Italian), an art object that brings together three noble materials – porcelain gres, Corian® and steel – thus igniting a synergistic dialogue between the Mo.1950 showroom’s partner brands: Ceramiche Caesar, Quadrodesign and Rexa. An open, free and unexpected dialogue between three very diverse materials.

“When design meets art, a design idea becomes a tangible and usable object. So the Italian designers Finemateria draw and conceive an object that invites the user to interact with it and with other people. All materials touch each other, people touch them, creating a very deep sensory and tactile interaction” claims Luca A. Caizzi.

Tris is both a game and the union of three companies, three materials, but it is also in the union of people. Clearly the fun thing is that tic-tac-toe/Tris is played by two people, not three, which creates an additional playful level. So if we want to, we can always talk about duality, even though the beautiful thing that happens is that around these tables, game tables, objects, let’s call them whatever we want, differences of views, dialogue, fun, constructive exchanges will arise.

Elisabetta Donati De Conti interviews Finemateria on The Instant of Change, a project in collabo­ration with Ceramiche Caesar, Quadrodesign, Rexa.
Curated by Luca A. Caizzi | Hosted by Mo. 1950 | April 2023