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Premiere: new Caccaro Flagship Store in partnership with Mo.1950

10 May 2022

In Milan, in Via Flavio Baracchini 9, there is a space managed by Mo.1950, in which products, design principles and styling come together to bring to life the idea of “the Caccaro house”, a real journey into the world of design, where you can be inspired, between emotion and functionality.

This is Caccaro’s new flagship store, an unprecedented journey through the sartorial nature and innovation of the Wallover® and Freedhome® Systems.

“Spaces are designed to give a sense of welcome and pleasantness. Caccaro compositions support this spirit, while retaining the functionality of a home. Every corner of the flag is meant to be a moment of surprise and discovery of news ideas for one’s own home.” Monica Graffeo, showroom designer.